Tuesday, June 03, 2014

LREC 2014 - Post Blog

Looking back on LREC, I think I went with a real apprehension. My only previous conference experience was ACL 2013 in Sofia.  I had a great time and so my feelings towards LREC were a mixture of excitement for it being similar, but also a worry that it might not be as good.  I'm glad to report that it lived up to and even exceeded my expectations.  The sessions were interesting;  the posters engaging;  the networking events were even fun;  the attendees were approachable and people even engaged with my talk, asking questions and talking to me afterwards.

It was great to meet many of the people who I have previously referenced.  Many of those who wrote the papers in the lexical simplification list were in attendance.  I made it my business to approach them and introduce myself.  It's a great experience to meet people who have written such great papers and have made a contribution to the field.

For those that might find it useful, I've collected two lists below.  The first is a list of papers which had something to do with readability / simplification.  The second is a list of papers which I found interesting for one reason or another.  The simplification papers will be making their way to the lexical simplification list soon.

Improvements to Dependency Parsing Using Automatic Simplification of Data. T Jelínek PDF

Measuring Readability of Polish Texts: Baseline Experiments. B Broda, B Nitoń, W Gruszczyński and M Ogrodniczuk PDF

Can Numerical Expressions Be Simpler? Implementation and Demonstration of a Numerical Simplification System for Spanish. S Bautista and H Saggion PDF

Text Readability and Word Distribution in Japanese. Satoshi Sato PDF

And finally, my paper:
Out in the Open: Finding and Categorising Errors in the Lexical Simplification Pipeline. M Shardlow PDF

Some other papers that I found interesting were:

Corpus Annotation through Crowdsourcing: Towards Best Practice Guidelines. M Sabou, K Bontcheva, L Derczynski and A Scharl PDF

Identification of Multiword Expressions in the brWaC. P Anick M Verhagen and J Pustejovsky PDF

Creating a Massively Parallel Bible Corpus. T Mayer and M Cysouw PDF

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